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More than 500 type collections of Cortinarius species and 80 further types of other Agaricales are searchable in the database. The mycological collection of the Herbarium Innsbruck also hosts type collections from Italian mycologists (F. Bellù, M. Contu, M. Sarnari and G. Simonini) as well as type material of E. Horak and J.B. Cleland (Australia).


This database project of the Austrian Mycological Society contains information on the distribution and abundances of fungi (Basidio- and Ascomycota) in Austria. All fungal vouchers deposited in the mycological collection IB/IBF have been included in this database. Thus, including data from field excursions in the period from 1960-2007, more than 7.000 records on fungal occurrence delivered by the Institute of Microbiology (University Innsbruck ) are now available in this public database. Fungal distribution maps are created based on vouchers and published data (see list below for contributions from the Institute of Microbiology). Contributions to the Austrian fungi database from the institute of microbiology and collaborators:

Meinhard Moser (1948 - 2002), Peintner Ursula (since 1991), Pöder Reinhold (1979 - 2015), Kirchmair Martin (since 1993), Gerhold Norbert (since 1976 – 1994), Haselwandter Kurt (1966 – 1995), Mühlmann Oliver (2002 – 2008), Neuhauser Sigrid (since 2004), Schinner Franz (1978 - 1982), Thien Jörg (1968 - 2005); Fungal lists of Master Thesis: Dorninger Andrea (1988, 1993), Harder Barbara (1989), Krpata Doris (2004, 2008), Ladurner Heidi (1995, 2001), Singer Harald (2001), Tinhofer Inge (1990)

UNITE - A molecular database for the identification of fungi

UNITE focuses on high-quality ITS sequences generated from fruiting bodies collected and identified by experts and deposited in public herbaria. The mycological collection IB contributed with many sequences from Cortinarius specimen to the UNITE database.