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Mycologists contributing to the collection (IB/IBF)


Meinhard M. Moser (1924-2002) was known throughout the world for his expertise in mycology. His exceptional knowledge of these fungi, in particular of Cortinariaceae, and his numerous publications have influenced modern taxonomic concepts in the Agaricales. More than 2000 vouchers come from the original collecting sites of Elias Fries around Femsjö, Sweden. Meinhard M. Moser collected about 27.000 vouchers of fungi and 500 type collections in Europe, South- and North America and in Asia.

Reinhold Pöder (1948-2015) was an expert in Boletales taxonomy and described several new species of Basidio- and Ascomycetes.

Ursula Peintner works as a mycologist at the University Innsbruck since 1991. She barcoded most of type collections, and numerous other reference vouchers of the fungarium. The rDNA ITS sequences are available in public databases or on request. Her major contribution are vouchers from Arctic-alpine areas. 

Further contributions come from  Martin Kirchmair (since 1993), Norbert Gerhold (since 1976 – 1994), Kurt Haselwandter (1966 – 1995), Oliver Mühlmann (2002 – 2008), Sigrid Neuhauser (since 2004), Franz Schinner (1978 - 1982), Jörg Thien (1968 - 2005);

Fungal  vouchers originating from Master or PhD theses: Andrea Dorninger (1988, 1993), Barbara Harder (1989), Doris  Krpata (2004, 2008), Heidi Ladurner (1995, 2001), Harald Singer (2001), Inge Tinhofer (1990), Mayrhofer Sabine

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