The Center Interdisciplinary Gender Studies Innsbruck and the associated research platform are inter- and transdisciplinary in their approach and committed to a diversity of theories and methods. More than 170 members from twelve different faculties of the University of Innsbruck, the Medical University of Innsbruck, the Management Center Innsbruck, the UMIT and other non-university organisations collaborate in different forms: Research groups, networks and a research centre.

Research groups and Research center


Forschungsgruppe Auto_Biographie – De_RekonstruktionenResearch group Auto_Biography – De_Reconstruction



fg theorizing the bodyResearch group Theorizing the body: Body, Discourse, Materiality


AG Care: Relations, Rights & Policies Workgroup Care: Relations, Rights & Policies
Forschungsgruppe Language and GenderResearch group Language and Gender
FG Interpersonelle Gewalt und GeschlechtResearch group Interpersonal Violence and Gender
Forschungszentrum Medical HumanitiesResearch center Medical Humanities
doc-netzwerkDoctoral students* network


Research Areas

  • Body – Health – Normativity
  • Subjectivity – Power – Narration
  • Socio-economic and Political Transformation


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