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The objective of the research group is the development and application of methods for handling new remote sensing data types and collected geoinformation to map and analyse geographic phenomena in physical and human shaped environments triggered by natural processes and human players.


  • PROSLIDE: Meeting between Eurac and CNR IRPI On the 13th of July Eurac Research met with the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche – Istituto di ricerca per la protezione idrogeologica (CNR IRPI). This is the research institute for geo-hydrological protection. Some of the most well-known researchers in the field of rainfall thresholds work in the latter organization. CNR IRPI was represented by Stefano […] (2021-08-30 08:38:29)
  • PROSLIDE: Fieldtrip campaign July 26th – 30th During the week of July 26th  – 30th, fieldwork in the Passeier Valley was conducted with the main goal of data collection. The collected information corresponds to soil samples and the execution of the Dynamic Cone Penetration Test (DCPT). Laboratory analysis will be carried out from the collected data to classify the soil material and […] (2021-08-23 12:28:54)
  • PROSLIDE: First field trip – June 17th On June 17th, fieldwork activities were carried out in the Passeier valley. The field trip had several goals. The main one was to get familiar with the study area chosen for the physically-based approach of the landslide hazard assessment. Besides, getting the first soil samples to determine the hydrological and geotechnical parameters of the soil […] (2021-08-23 09:09:22)
  • OMCAP - Observation and Modeling of CAscade Processes Within the doctoral program „Natural Hazards in Mountain Regions“ of the University of Innsbruck, a PhD-position is vacant. (2021-06-22 10:22:56)
  • XXIVth ISPRS Congress - digital edition Join the 2021 digital edition of the XXIVth ISPRS Congress and attend the contributions of our research group. (2021-06-14 10:27:10)

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