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The objective of the research group is the development and application of methods for handling new remote sensing data types and collected geoinformation to map and analyse geographic phenomena in physical and human shaped environments triggered by natural processes and human players.


  • PROSLIDE: World Landslide Forum 5 -WLF5 Last Friday, November 5th,  Stefan Steger presented analyses related to the PROSLIDE project to the international landslide research community at the World Landslide Forum 5 WLF5 | World Lanslide Forum 5 (iplhq.org). He presented A statistical exploratory analysis of inventoried movements for South Tyrol (Italy) as part of  the Theme 2: Hazard and vulnerability mapping […] (2021-11-16 18:09:00)
  • Research and Career Network: Close-range Sensing Techniques in Alpine Terrain (2021-11-05 13:30:17)
  • Topographic LiDAR UAV flight (2021-11-03 14:50:00)
  • PROSLIDE: Field trip – October 8th The past Friday, October 8th, fieldwork activities were carried out in the Passeier Valley. Like in the previous two field trips (First field trip – June 17th and Field trip campaign July 26th – 30th), the primary goals were to take soil samples and execute the DCPT (Dynamic Cone Penetration Test) to determine hydrological and geotechnical […] (2021-11-01 13:30:05)
  • PROSLIDE: Civil Protect 2021 On September 17th, Stefan Steger from Eurac Research participated in the Civil Protect 2021 event to present Proslide activities to the public and local decision makers. The session was entitled Online inventory of mass movements (fierabolzano.it). His presentation was entitled Analisi dei movimenti di massa in Provincia di Bolzano and it was presented during the […] (2021-10-04 16:27:41)

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