eeecon research seminar

Virtual seminar program summer term 2020

Date: Thursdays 11:00-12:00


Date Software Guest Title Host
Zoom Sonja Settele Cost-Benefit Considerations and the Support for Public Health Measures: Evidence from the Covid-19 Crisis (Slides) Katharina Momsen
04.06.20 Adobe Connect Julia Spornberger European integration: Do country borders within the EU still matter for trade in manufactured goods? (Abstract, Slides) Janette Walde
18.06.20  Zoom Christina Rott Signals from On High and the Power of “Growth Mindset”: A Natural Field Experiment in Workplace Diversity Elisabeth Gsottbauer
25.06.20 Zoom Glenn Dutcher Learning by doing what? A critical analysis of knowledge transfer in the creative Domain Regine Oexl
02.07.20 Zoom Daniel Müller Discrimination and Immigration: Field Experimental Evidence from Austria Elisabeth Gsottbauer


Seminar program summer term 2020

Date: Thursdays 11:00-12:00


Date Room Guest Title Host
SR7 Tatyana Zhuravleva
Social norms toward corruption: a bribery experiment (Slides) Daniela Glätzle-Rützler

Misato Sato
cancelled* Andrea Leiter-Scheiring
Andreas Steinmayr
cancelled* Andrea Leiter-Scheiring
Matteo Fasiolo
Probabilistic short-term electricity demand forecasting using generalized additive models - cancelled*
Nikolaus Umlauf
Sonja Settele Risk exposure and attention to the macroeconomy - cancelled* Katharina Momsen
14.05.20 SR7 Fermando Lozano cancelled*
Anita Gantner
28.05.20 SR7
Fabian Paetzel
cancelled* Daniel Müller
18.06.20 SR7
Eugen Dimant
Loukas Balafoutas

*The seminars between March and June 2020 were cancelled due to the spread of COVID-19.

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