Lange Nacht der Forschung

Lange Nacht der Forschung

This year's "Lange Nacht der Forschung" (LNF) took place on April 13. The LNF is Austria's largest research event and is a nationwide event with the purpose to present accomplishments of local institutions to the broad public. Counting 228,000 visitors, this year's LNF was the most frequently visited event of this format ever!

Our team for the LNF

First of all, thanks to our great team that represented eeecon at this year's LNF (in alphabetic order):

Alexandra Baier Julian Granna Tobias Haller Felix Holzmeister
Felix Keller Julia Spornberger Matthias Stefan Janette Walde

Focus on experimental economics and statistics

This year, our station consisted of two different stands, one with an experimental, one with a statistical focus:


Experimental stand

With the use of interactive experiments (trust and ultimatum games), participants got interesting insights in behavioral economics and could gain a better understanding of the role that trust plays in society. In addition, the bomb risk elicitation task gave visitors the opportunity to learn about their individual risk preferences. Most visitors ended up being surprised of how much fun economics can actually be ...


Statistics stand

This stand was about illustrating the derivation as well as application of statistical distributions. In a first setting, the visitors' imagination and scientific thinking was challenged, when they guessed the resulting distribution of balls falling through  a Galton board. Secondly, their body heights were measured to show how the visitors compare in height to their corresponding gender and age group. Especially for our younger visitors, finding out how tall they are compared to others in their age and gender regime turned out to be very interesting!


A great experience for everyone

All in all, this year's LNF was an amazing experience for everyone! Our visitors had the opportunity not only to gain interesting insights into research that is done here in Innsbruck, but also got these insights in a way that is easily comprehensible for everyone. For our team, coming up with ideas to present our fields of research was a very refreshing and also fun task. And getting a great feedback from the visitors made worth all the efforts!

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