Mini-Workshop ‚Field/Policy Experiments’ with Eszter Czibor

The Mini-Workshop ‘Field/Policy Experiments’ took place on June 2 at the SOWI and brought together researchers (PhDs, Postdocs and Professors) making use of experimental methods in their own research to assess the potential to use experiments for policy interventions fostering economic growth and innovation.
Policy Experiments

The Mini-Workshop was kicked off by a keynote lecture given by Eszter Czibor (Head of Research at StateUp) who has run many policy experiments in the past, particularly experiments in cooperation with government bodies and firms. She has also been working with Nesta and the Innovation Growth Lab, which is an innovation fund in the UK conducting, and supporting trials and experiments with firms to deliver more innovation and growth. In her lecture, she highlighted the nuts and bolts of running experiments with firms and government partners and provided much practical insights what researchers need to care about when partnering with firms and policy makers.


The workshop was discussion orientated and also include 5 input-presentations by members of the University of Innsbruck including researchers from the Department of Economics and the Human Resource Management Unit who showcased early-stage experimental research. The full program can be found here.


The workshop was organized by Elisabeth Gsottbauer and Esther Blanco and sponsored by the Vice Rector of Research and SFB F63 "Credence Goods, Incentives and Behavior".


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