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Would you like to acquire a scientifically sound education in the fundamentals of Scientific Computing?

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Scientific computing relies on mathematical modelling and high performance computing to deal with scientific problems emerging in research, industry, economics and society.

This extension programme is combined with bachelor's and master's or diploma degree programmes in other subject areas or attended after graduation in those. Students gain scientific qualifications in the fundamentals of scientific computing.

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2 semesters/60 ECTS-Credits

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Students acquire core competences in the field of scientific computing. They gain method-based knowledge for efficiently answering questions from science, business and society in the area of modelling and computer simulation with a focus on responsible communication of the results.

The Extension Programme Scientific Computing at the University of Innsbruck is aimed at students and graduates who wish to expand their qualification profile with a scientifically based additional education in the field of scientific computing.

Graduates of Extension Programme Scientific Computing are able to identify and address current issues in science, business, and society that can be answered through modelling and efficient computer simulations:

  • They are knowledgeable in the relevant subfields of mathematics, computer science, natural and technical sciences and draw on the latest research in scientific computing.
  • They are familiar with methods of scientific mathematical modelling, its limitations and the need to communicate the latter accordingly.
  • They are proficient in numerical mathematics and efficient programming of conventional systems and computer systems optimized for high-performance computing.
  • The acquired competence to learn and link a wide range of skills enables graduates to improve their expertise independently.
  • Raised awareness of gender issues and gender relations in science through adapted teaching and communications enables future contributions to a gender-equal society.

Graduates of the Extension Programme Scientific Computing are particularly qualified for:

  • Development-related professions in the context of Industry 4.0, business, medicine, banking and insurance, in which relevant problems of modeling and simulation are worked on in interdisciplinary teams.
  • Research on modeling and simulation in scientific fields that form the basis of scientific computing, as well as the application of scientific computing methods to answer appropriately prepared research questions from other fields.

Career opportunities can be found in the field of scientific computing, as well as outside of the supplemental degree programme.

Admission to the Extension Programme requires the admission to or the having passed of one of the following Bachelor’s, Master’s or Diploma Study Programmes:

Faculty of Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics (in German)


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