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The students of the Integrated Diploma Programme in Law (Italian Law) acquire thorough knowledge about Italian law both in Italian and in German. This is a Joint study programme with the Universities of Padua and Trento and is funded by the Autonomous Province of Bolzano-South Tyrol.

Please note: the language of instruction for this programme is German.

Partner universities: University of Padua and University of Trento; supported by the Autonomous Province of Bolzano-Alto Adige

Università degli studi di Padova

Università degli studi di Trento


Study Code
UC 100

Supplemental Examination
Supplemental examination in Latin is required before completion of the bachelor's degree programme if this subject was not completed satisfactorily with at least 10 credit hours at a higher-level secondary school.

The degree is recognised in Italy as Laurea magistrale in giurisprudenza.

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The goal of the Integrated Diploma Programme in Law is to provide bilingual universal legal training in Italian law. Graduates are able to participate in all areas of the law at a high level. They are able to familiarize themselves quickly and competently with new and changing legal issues.

This study programme teaches legal and methodological competences in national Italian, European and international law as well as critical skills, language abilities, perfect bilingualism in German and Italian, argumentation skills, and communication and negotiation competences.

The Integrated Diploma Programme in Law offers broad technical training, preparing students for the regulated legal professions of lawyers, judges, notaries, public prosecutors and specialized administration services in Italy as well as for activities requiring legal expertise in business, politics, culture and social affairs.

The requirements for succesful completion of the programme include, in particular, a diploma thesis that serves to demonstrate the student's ability to treat academic topics independently and with proper consideration of content and method.

The primary occupational fields of graduates of the Integrated Diploma Programme in Law include the classic legal professions. To these belong the professions of judge, lawyer, public prosecutor, notary, and high-level legally-related administrative services.

As generalists, the graduates of the programme may pursue numerous other law-related careers, such as in interest groups (chambers, professional associations), in supranational and international organizations (e.g. the European Union, UN, WTO) as well as in commercial areas, politics, culture, and social areas.

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From the field

Euro­pä­i­sche Inte­gra­tion in Recht und Pra­xis

Knapp 30 Studierende, Lehrende und Forschende der Rechtswissenschaftlichen Fakultäten der Universitäten Innsbruck und Trient diskutierten im April in zwei Cross-Border-Seminaren zu „Challenges of European Integration in Law and Practice: Regional Perspectives and Beyond“ unions-, verfassungs- und verwaltungsrechtliche Herausforderungen der europäischen Integration.

Prak­tika in Süd­ti­rol: Abkom­men unter­zeich­net

Rektorin Veronika Sexl und der Südtiroler Landeshauptmann Arno Kompatscher haben Mitte Mai ein Abkommen unterzeichnet, das Südtiroler Studierenden weiterhin Praktika in der Südtiroler Landesverwaltung ermöglicht.

Stu­die­rende besu­chen den Süd­ti­ro­ler Land­tag

Die komplexen Herausforderungen des Themas Wohnen für Gesetzgebung und Verwaltung standen im Mittelpunkt eines Besuchs von Studierenden des Italienischen Rechts im Südtiroler Landtag. Organisiert wurde der Besuch von Prof. Esther Happacher vom Institut für Italienisches Recht und ELSA - The European Law Students Association Innsbruck – Italian Affairs gemeinsam mit dem Südtiroler Landtag.

Italienisches Verfassungsrecht in der Praxis

Im September 2023 hatten 18 Studierende des Italienischen Rechts Gelegenheit, unter der Leitung von Prof. Esther Happacher die Praxis des italienischen Verfassungsrechts in Rom kennenzulernen. Besucht wurden der Verfassungsgerichtshof, das Parlament, der Staatsrat, das Außenamt des Landes Südtirol sowie die Konferenz der Regionen und Autonomen Provinzen, ebenso die österreichische Botschaft.

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