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The Law frames our society, and lawyers mediate between the law and the individual. The students of the Diploma Programme in Law acquire knowledge about the legal system and all areas within it. This programme prepares the students academically for the professions of a lawyer, judge, public notary and other legal professions.   

Please note: the language of instruction for this programme is German.


Study Code
UC 100

Supplemental Examination
Supplemental examination in Latin is required before completion of the bachelor's degree programme if this subject was not completed satisfactorily with at least 10 credit hours at a higher-level secondary school.

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Graduates of the Diploma Programme Law possess fundamental and academically in-depth universal legal knowledge of a substantive and methodological nature and have the ability to familiarise themselves with specific subject matters and the special requirements of all legal professions.

They are able to recognise interrelationships between law, state and society and to independently deal with challenging legal problems using legal solution methods. The high level of problem-solving competence they have acquired through this university education prepares them to work in a scientifically sound manner in all legally relevant professional fields at national as well as at European and international level.

The Diploma Programme Law serves as academic preparation for those professions whose exercise requires knowledge of the law. The focus is on Austrian law and its international references. Accordingly, all sub-disciplines of the Austrian legal system as well as their historical and theoretical foundations are taught with the aim of enabling students to solve problems in practice in a legally sound manner. Specific interests of the students can be deepened according to their choice.

The professional breadth and profound detailed legal knowledge imparted in the Diploma Programme Law qualify graduates for entry into or further training for classical legal professions such as notary public, lawyer, judge, public prosecutor, administrative lawyer.

With its broad orientation, graduates of this degree programme are also open to all other professions that require legal knowledge, for example in business, in international organisations, in diplomacy, in NGOs or in research and teaching.

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