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BioViSo - Biomonitoring vineyard soils in sustainable agrosystems

BioViSo aims to identify abiotic and biotic key drivers and keystone species influencing or being a proxy for soil quality. To reach that goal, we will apply an innovative agroecological network analysis in vineyards using chemical and biological analyses and an environmental DNA approach, including information about management systems and geographic location.

  • Prerequisite: Master in Microbiology, Ecology, Soil Science or similar
  • Start: asap (Spring 2023)
  • Duration: 3 years (fully funded)

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POSADEC - The Hidden Potential of South American Dermocyboid Cortinarii

South American (SA) Nothofagaceae forests harbour unique, endemic tree species, representing the oldest lineages of Nothofagus evolution. Ectomycorrhizal fungi co‐evolve with the associated plant partner, but mutualistic fungi are still widely under‐explored in these areas. Our previous studies demonstrated that diversity of unknown dermocyboid Cortinarii is high there and is reflected in high chemotype (pigment) diversity. Pigments of dermocyboid Cortinarius species are based on (pre)anthraquinones, one of the most promising classes of natural photosensitizer. A systematic study of the photobiological active pigments is needed to understand the ecological function of such pigments. A thorough taxonomical investigation is essential, because chemical and pharmacological analyses must be based on unambiguously defined taxa and clearly identified vouchers.

  • Supervision: Bianka Siewert
  • Start: Between May 2023 and July 2023
  • Duration: 3.4 years

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