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Comparative Microbiome Analysis

CoMA is a pipeline for amplicon sequencing data analysis with input files in fastq format. The pipeline represents a series of steps from the processing of the supplied data to the computation of results.



CoMA 2.0 (VirtualBox): CoMA_2.0.ova [7,26 GB]

CoMA 2.0 (Singularity): CoMA_2.0.tar.gz [2,31 GB]

CoMA 2.0 (Linux installer): [3 KB]

CoMA 1.0 (VirtualBox): CoMA-1.0.ova [5,77 GB]

Documentation: CoMA 2.0 Manual [1,12 MB]


If you use CoMA for any published research, please include the following citation:

Hupfauf S, Etemadi M, Fernández-Delgado Juárez M, Gómez-Brandón M, Insam H, et al. (2020) CoMA – an intuitive and user-friendly pipeline for amplicon-sequencing data analysis. PLOS ONE 15(12): e0243241.



If there are any problems with the installation or the use of CoMA please contact

Software list

CoMA is a pipeline for NGS data analysis, using various applications, tools and scripts originating from internal and external sources (open-source third party software). Within this section, all external tools are listed. Please follow the web links if you want to get more information on a specific tool. Keep in mind that some of these tools may also be using third party software, for more information consult the prevailing manuals.

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