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Comparative Microbiome Analysis

CoMA is a pipeline for amplicon sequencing data analysis with input files in fastq format. The pipeline represents a series of steps from the processing of the supplied data to the computation of results.


Download: CoMA-1.0.ova [5,77 GB]

CoMA-2.0.ova [6,88 GB; not published yet]

Documentation: Manual.pdf [981 KB]


If you use CoMA for any published research, please include the following citation:

Hupfauf S, Etemadi M, Insam H, Podmirseg SM. 2017. CoMA – Comparative Microbiome Analysis. Available at:



The installed virtual environment represents a complete Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Linux installation with unrestricted functionality. The system is appropriate for further usage; nevertheless, no support can be offered on topics unrelated to CoMA.
We are working on additional installation types like Docker image or manual installation to make the installation more efficient or to enable the usage of CoMA within an existing Linux environment. Keep in mind that the usage of CoMA on a Windows operating system (outside a virtual environment) will not be possible!
If there are any problems with the installation or the use of CoMA please contact

Software list

CoMA is a pipeline for NGS data analysis, using various applications, tools and scripts originating from internal and external sources (open-source third party software). Within this section, all external tools are listed. Please follow the web links if you want to get more information on a specific tool. Keep in mind that some of these tools may also be using third party software, for more information consult the prevailing manuals.

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