Universität Innsbruck


ACWR - Alpine Climate and Water Research

Homepage: https://acwr.eu

Alpine Climate and Water Research (ACWR) is a research group located at the Department of Geography of the University of Innsbruck (Austria). Our research focus is the monitoring and modelling of climatological and hydrological processes in mountain regions, mainly in the European Alps. The analysis of climatic changes and their impacts on alpine water resources including the consideration of human-climate/water interaction are among our key scientific interests.

Our main fields of research include:

  • Alpine catchment climatology and hydrology
  • Monitoring of climatological and hydrological processes
  • Boundary layer processes
  • (Down)Scaling and regionalization of climate data
  • Development of climatological and hydrological process models
  • Snow and glacier hydrology
  • Climate change impacts on mountain water resources
  • Coupling models for land and atmosphere
  • Co-evolution of human-climate/water systems



Dr. Jan Schmieder
Field of work:
Tracer Hydrology


Lena Schäffer
Field of work:
Hydrological Modelling

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