New Media, New Possibilities
For all our lectures and seminars, which are part of our "Lehrzielkatalog", the system will automatically open an online course at Olat.


Olat Training
The Olat-Helpdesk offers trainigs for lecturers, administrative personal and students as well as special group trainings like departments.
For more information please visit the website: http://e-campus.uibk.ac.at.

New Media
The administration unit New Media offers two Multifunctional New Media Studios at the 2nd floor Geiwi-Tower with 10 and 30 seats for eLearning lecturers, preparation of teaching material and Audio-Visual-lectures. The studios can be used for videoconferencing and live-broadcasting to the internet ("streaming").
Additionally this unit offers special working places for AV-New Media-Projects.


New Media offical representative of the School
Dr. Lore Hayek (Department of Political Science)

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