Advisory council and commissions

Faculty Council
Each faculty has to install a Faculty Council with a minimum of five and a maximum of seventeen members. The mandatory reporting by Rector, Senat, Dean and Dean of Studies to this Council has to been done in means of transperance and useful usage of media. The Faculty Council should be informed regularely. The members of this council - except the student representatives - have to be appointed by committees elections.

Dates and members of the Faculty Council


Curriculum Commission
The Senat of the University of Innsbruck institutes a Curriculum Commission at every faculty. This commission is then responsible for adapting our curricula and for writing new curricula for the future. The Curricula Commission consists of a mix of representatives of professors, academic staff and students.

Dates and members of the Curriculum Commission


Qualification Council
The current members of the Qualification-Council can be found on the internal pages of the Office of the Vice Rector for Research.

members of the Qualification-Council


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