Research Coordinator

The research coordinator assists the dean of the School of Social and Political Sciences in the coordination of research activities, in particular the acquisition of external funds for research projects. The target group is the scientific staff as well as PhD students. The research coordinator works in close cooperation with the at the University of Innsbruck.


The research coordinator

- Gathers up-to-date information about research-related topics
- Supports the preparation and calculation of research projects
- Passes on information about the refunding of travelling costs for the scientific staff and PhD students
- Passes on up-to-date information about current open calls for research funds
- Provides a pool of best practice projects for guidance and reference for new applications


Declaration on Ethical Issues and Data Protection

The correct treatment of sensitive data and the acknowledgment of ethical issues are fundamental elements of good scientific practice.
As of 1st of June 2018, researchers at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences are obliged to fill in a Self-Assessment on Ethical Issues and Data Protection before starting a research project.
Here you find up-to-date information regarding ethics and data protection in the social sciences.


If you need further help with the preparation of your research project, feel free to contact the research coordinator for a personal meeting.

Assoc.-Prof. Dr. Kristina Stoeckl

Kristina Stoeckl

Dr. Kristina Stoeckl is research coordinator for the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences. Her ERC Grant project "Postsecular Conflicts" is located at the Institute of Sociology. Since 2018 she is associate Professor at the University of Innsbruck.

research assistant: Thomas Walli

contact information:
tel.: +43 512 507-73424
room: w 2.21
Department of Sociology, Universitätsstraße 15


If you are a new research fellow or PhD student at our school, please contact for getting the admission to our OLAT course.

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