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Would you like to deal with religion and worldview at school and understand social and ecclesiastical reality theologically?

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The students of the Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Catholic Religious Education acquire practice-oriented basic knowledge in theology with a focus on education and pastoral care, which are considered from different perspectives.

The programme promotes communicative and interdisciplinary competencies. In addition, students gain competencies in treating faith and religion in the public sphere in an academically accountable way.

Please note: the language of instruction for this programme is German.


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UC 066 793

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Graduates are able to elaborate, evaluate and implement scientific developments in the fields of theology and religious education and to apply them in interdisciplinary contexts.

The Bachelor’s Programme in Catholic Religious Education offers a basic theological education with special focus on education and pastoral care in different fields of activity. Apart from subject-specific competence with regards to content, the graduates also get the ability to deal with faith and religion in the public in a scientifically appropriate and responsible way.

The study programme is marked by a theological and multi-perspective understanding of education and didactics and promotes the communicative and interdisciplinary skills of the graduates. This way it prepares for professions in church, but also in the public, where a fundamental academic-theological education in combination with religious pedagogical and/or pastoral training are required. The basic theological-religious-pedagogical educations offers in combination with other study programmes (at universities, universities of applied science or pedagogical universities) and training (e.g. in the youth, counselling and pastoral areas) an important expansion of the horizon with regards to views of the world and orientation.

The general educational-scientific fundamentals, the subject-didactic and pedagogical-practical studies in combination with school practice complete the subject-scientific training.

The Bachelor's Programme in Catholic Religious Education promises good career prospects. It prepares for professions in educational institutions, in church and social institutions, but also in the public sphere, which require a basic academic-theological training with religious-pedagogical and / or pastoral skills.

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