Experts on Climate, Biodiversity and Sustainability

The PEAK experts
Researchers who conduct research in the fields of climate, biodiversity and sustainability. All experts have their own summary page with contact and key data. This list can be explored by using a full-text search.

All experts at a glance

Anke Bock­reis

Focus: Waste Treatment and Resource Management

Bar­bara Sch­nei­der-Mun­tau

Focus: Geotechnical Engineering

Bet­tina Thalinger

Focus: Molecular Animal Ecology

Bir­git Sat­tler

Focus: Microbial Ecology of Glaciers

Elis­a­beth Gsot­tbauer

Focus: Environmental Economics

Engel­bert Portenkirch­ner

Focus: Sustainable Energy Storage

Esther Blanco

Focus: Sustainability Economics

Georg Niedrist

Focus: Aquatic Ecology

Ivana Stiper­ski

Focus: Mountain Meteorology

Jana Sophie Kesen­heimer

Focus: Environmental Psychology

Johannes Rüdisser

Focus: Biodiversity

Jutta Kis­ter

Focus: Geographies of Sustainability

Kurt Nico­lussi

Focus: Tree-ring research

Man­fred Klei­dor­fer

Focus: Urban Water Management

Mar­greth Keiler

Focus: Natural Hazards

Mathias Rotach

Focus: Dynamic meteorology

Michael Bahn

Focus: Ecosystems under global change

Michael Kirch­ler

Focus: Behavioral Economics

Nadine Prög

Focus: Soil Microbiology & Climate Crisis

Nikolina Ban

Focus: High-resolution modelling of climate 

Peter Schön­swet­ter

Focus: Biodiversity

Rike Stot­ten

Focus: Sustainable food production and consumption

Robert Hof­mann

Focus: Geotechnical Engineering

Robert Steiger

Focus: Tourism

Ste­fan Mayr

Schwerpunkt: Alpine Pflanzen

Thomas Karl

Focus: Atmosphere

Ulrich Remus

Focus: Digital Society

Ulrike Tappeiner

Focus: Landscape Ecology

Wolf­gang Stre­icher

Focus: Energy Efficient Building

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