Study Programmes

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BA Phi­lo­so­phy

The Bachelor's programme in Philosophy introduces students to philosophy and its sub-fields. Students deal with philosophical questions in various contexts, learn methods of philosophy and examine ethical, epistemological, socio-philosophical and metaphysical dimensions of society, culture and science.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

MA Phi­los­o­phy

The Master's programme in Philosophy supplements the students' philosophical knowledge with further sub-areas and deepens their skills in Theoretical and Practical Philosophy. The programme focuses on applied ethics and philosophy in a global world.

We also organise and coordinate the Secondary School Teacher Training programme in Ethics.

Courses are always offered in a specific module. However, there is always the possibility of assigning them to another module. If you would like to have a course assigned to another module, you should obtain the approval of the respective course director and the  study representative in good time.

In the semester in which the Bachelor's degree programme is completed, courses of the Master's degree programme can already be attended, which will be assigned to the Master's degree programme upon application after admission to the Master's degree programme. Apart from this, admission to the Master's degree programme is also possible within the grace period (until the end of November or the end of April).


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