University of Innsbruck

Student Representatives for Philosophy and Secondary School Teacher Training Programme Ethics

Consultation hours: Please schedule an appointment via email (except during the holidays)
Room 60157  (5. Floor, Bruno-Sander-Haus)
StV Philosophie

Students of Philosophy and Ethics may join our casual WhatsApp group to connect, chat, ask questions etc. 
In order to join the group please contact the student representatives. 


Ralph Eichhübl

Studies and interests: Bachelor Philosophy in addtion to Physics;
interests in formal logics and political philosophy


Lynn Faber

Studies and interests: Bachelor Philosophy in addition to Political Science;
interests in metaphysics/ontology, philosophy of religion and ethics


Vincent Gogala

Studies and interests: Bachelor Secondary School Teacher Training Prgramme Ethics in addition to Biology 
and French as Teacher Training Programmes.

Eva Hupfer

Eva Hupfer BSc.

Studies and interests:Bachelor Philosophy in addition to Law;
interests in political philosophy, social philosophy, philosophy of law, philosophy of language


Andreas Strobl

Studies and interests: Bachelor Secondary School Teacher Training Programme Ethics in addition to History/Political Education and German as Teacher Training Programmes;
interests in political science and philosophy

Used but also new books can be bought from the student represantives. 
To do so please contact Eva Hupfer. The offer is directed exclusively at students of philosophy studying at the Faculty of Philosophy and History of the University of Innsbruck. 


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