Student Representatives for Philosophy and Secondary School Teacher Training Programme Ethics (StV)

Tuesday 10:00 to 12:00 (Philosophy)
Wednesday 11:45 bis 13:45 (Secondary School Teacher Training Programme Ethics) 
Room 60157  (5. floor, Bruno-Sander-Haus)

For students of philosophy an informal Whats-App group chat exists for connecting, chatting, asking questions and the like. Please contact the  for further information. 


Vincent Gogala (1. chairperson)

Studies and interests: Bachelor Secondary School Teacher Training Prgramme Ethics in addition to Biology 
and French as Teacher Training Programmes.


Lynn Faber (1. vice chairperson)

Studies and interests: Bachelor Philosophy in addition to Political Science;
interests in metaphysics/ontology, philosophy of religion and ethics

Eva Hupfer

Eva Hupfer BSc. (2. vice chairperson)

Studies and interests:Bachelor Philosophy in addition to Law;
interests in political philosophy, social philosophy, philosophy of law, philosophy of language


Ralph Eichhübl (Mandatary)

Studies and interests: Bachelor Philosophy in addtion to Physics;
interests in formal logics and political philosophy


Andreas Strobl (Mandatary)

Studies and interests: Bachelor Secondary School Teacher Training Programme Ethics in addition to History/Political Education and German as Teacher Training Programmes;
interests in political science and philosophy


In collaboration with the Department of Philosophy, this year we are organizing the 2. Best Thesis Awards for our fellow students!

Everyone studying either Philosophy or Ethics as teaching subject can participate. Philosophy students may only hand their Bachelor or Master Thesis,
students of Ethics as teaching subjects may only hand in their seminar papers. Only texts that have already been positively graded will be considered. 
The text must have been written between the 1.11.2022 and the 1.11.2023. The deadline for submission is the 31.12.2023.  

To submit your paper, please send it to us via email together with the filled in application form

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