Bachelor Thesis

BA Philosophy

To finish the Bachelor's degree programme in Philosophy, a Bachelor's thesis must be written within the framework of a seminar of the elective modules 1-12 (see § 7 of the curriculum). Other courses such as proseminars and lectures are not eligible. The Bachelor's thesis replaces a seminar paper, if any, and its assessment is included in the seminar grade. It corresponds to 10 ECTS, which are added to the 5 ECTS of the seminar.

Students can choose the seminar in question themselves, but need to inform the course director before the end of the seminar in order to discuss the topic and timetable. Since the assessment of the Bachelor's thesis is included in the seminar grade, the course may not have already been graded before the Bachelor's thesis was written.

The length of the Bachelor thesis should be 9000 to 15000 words including bibliography (i.e. 30-50 pages, if one page contains 300 words). It must be submitted to the course director together with an affidavit. The template for the affidavit can be found on this page, along with other forms.

The Bachelor's Thesis Verification Form is filled out by the student and signed by the course director after grading. It can be submitted either by the institute or by the student to the Examinations Office.

A positive assessment of the Bachelor thesis requires correct spelling and correct citation. In case of ambiguities, we recommend the book Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten im Philosophiestudium (UTB) by Flatscher/Posselt/Weiberg in addition to the documents from the SL "Einführung in die Philosophie". The Bachelor's thesis is subject to a plagiarism check by the seminar leader.

BA Secondary School Teacher Training Subject: Ethics

Curricular basis (version from the 1.10.2021)

SE seminar with Bachelor's thesis
Theoretical and methodological discussion of research questions in ethics or ethics didactics; a Bachelor's thesis is to be written as part of the seminar, to which 7 (of a total of 9) ECTS-Credits are allocated. (Note: 7 ECTS correspond to 175 working hours).
Learning objective of the module
Graduates will be able to apply the theoretical and methodological tools of ethics to a limited set of questions.
Prerequisite: positive completion of compulsory modules 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. 

Further provisions

  • Topic: The thesis can be written on a topic from either ethics or ethics didactics, depending on the course offered.
  • Courses offered: The BA seminar is offered in the summer semester. If possible, there is one subject-related and one subject-didactic seminar. Please note the orientation. Please note: A first BA seminar will be offered in the winter semester 24/25.
  • Supervision: The thesis will be supervised by the head of the BA seminar.
  • Scope (excl. bibliography and appendix): A guideline of 20-30 pages (6000-9000 words) applies.
  • Deadline: The thesis is usually submitted by the end of the semester. Exceptions can only be granted by the seminar leader.
  • Cover sheet form "Submission of the Bachelor thesis": Use the completed and signed form "Submission of the Bachelor thesis". 

You may find the forms among other places here


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