Anne Siegetsleitner

University Professor

Academic Career



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  • 10/2013 Professor of Practical Philosophy, University of Innsbruck
  • 2012 Habilitation and authorisation to teach philosophy, University of Salzburg (Habilitation thesis: Ethik und Moral im Wiener Kreis. Zur Geschichte eines engagierten Humanismus, Böhlau 2014)
  • 2011 Visiting professor at the Institute of Philosophy at the University of Vienna
  • 2007–2011 FWF-Elise-Richter position at the University of Salzburg
  • 2001–2005 DFG project on Schlick's ethics and head of the BMBF junior research group on dignity in genetic engineering at the Ethics Centre of the University of Jena
  • 1999–2001 FWF project on the Internet and privacy at the University of Salzburg
  • 1999–2001 1st degree (with honours) in law, University of Salzburg
  • 04/1999 Doctorate in Philosophy (with honours), University of Salzburg (Dissertation: Rechte auf Privathiet: Begriff, Begründung und Relevanz für E-Mail im Internet)
  • 01–06/1998 Teaching Assistant at the Philosophy Department of the University of California at Irvine, USA
  • 07/1997 Degree in Philosophy (with honours), University of Salzburg
  • 1996/1997 Federal scholarship holder at the Ethics Research Centre, University of Zurich
  • 04–06/1993 Exchange student at the Institute of Philosophy, University of Fribourg
  • 1987–03/1993 Mag. phil. in Philosophy, Psychology, Education and German Philology (LA) (with honours), University of Salzburg Thesis: Wissenschaftsfreiheit und die Singer-Debatte
Functions and memberships


Focuses in Research and Teaching

  • General ethics, metaethics, history of ethics (ethics and morality in the Vienna Circle), possibilities of normative ethics, concept of norms
  • Applied ethics: Information and media ethics (including protection of privacy), bioethics (genetic and reproductive technology, pregnancy, euthanasia, concept of dignity), ethics committees, feminist ethics, theoretical foundations of applied ethics
  • Cultural and social philosophy: Gender relations, family forms, social philosophy of Bernard Bolzano and Karl R. Popper
  • Philosophical anthropology: Philosophy of age(ing), transhumanism
  • Philosophy of politics and law: Hannah Arendt, concept of honour, democracy and religion, legal positivism, natural law, responsibility, Kant's law of marriage
  • History of philosophy: Logical empiricism, women philosophers
Recent and Selected Publications

Further publications, lectures etc. since 2013 (Forschungsleistungsdokumentation)

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