Universität Innsbruck

Seminar of the Department of Microbiology

Key Factors for Microbial Diversity in Alpine Soils

Theresa Rzehak, PhD student - University of Innsbruck

16.12.2021, 11:00 - Join online (Meeting-ID: 679 622 0429 / Password: 8R39Sa)


Alpine ecosystems are highly structured due to mountains forming heterogenous altitudinal gradients and therefore environmental conditions vary drastically. Due to different climatic conditions a great variety of habitat patterns form species composition even over short spatial distances and hence mountain areas are known as hotspot for biodiversity. In alpine soils microbial diversity, community structure and activity differ according to a complex set of abiotic and biotic parameters. Through the present study an insight into the prokaryotic and fungal diversity of alpine soils will be received and will be set in relation to microbial communities in the rhizosphere and within various animals. Thus, we hope to identify main drivers for microbial diversity in alpine soils which may include factors like physicochemical soil properties, climatic conditions, soil fauna, vegetation, parent material composition and elevation gradients

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