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CITES-registration number: AT 015

Our seedlist is made for the purpose of the International Seed Exchange between Botanical Gardens and Institutions. All our exchange partners are registrated and we do not send any seed samples to privates!

Please note: Since the endorsement of the Convention on Biological Diversity (Rio de Janeiro 1992) Article 15 (Access to genetic resources) has been of special interest for the Botanic Gardens, especially in respect of the annual seed-exchange. The Botanic Garden Innsbruck assumes that all recipients of seeds or parts of plants for propagation offered in our Index Seminum, and from our Botanic Garden in general, utilize them, only in ways that do not contravene the convention.

We supply plant material only under the following conditions:
       It is only to be used for scientific research, species conservation, education or public relations and not commercially!
  If the material purchased from us is used commercially or intended for commercial purposes, prior written permission must be obtained from the Botanical Garden Innsbruck. We, for our part, promise to share, in appropriate manner, with the countries of origin whatever benefits may arise from such use!
  No material may be passed on to a third party without written permission from the Botanical Garden Innsbruck. We further request that you cite the Botanical Garden Innsbruck in all cases in which a publication results from the material you have purchased from us and that we automatically receive a reprint of the publication!

IPEN - International Plant Exchange Network

An exchange system for botanic gardens for non-commercial exchange of plant material, based on the CBD

IPEN – Numbers

The IPEN number consists of four elements:

1. Country of origin (two positions, abbreviation according to a international standardized Country Code list, obtainable by BGCI, “XX” for unknown origin).
2. Restrictions of transfer (one position, “1” if there exists a restriction, “0” if none).
3. Garden Code ( from which the IPEN number originates) BGCI provides each new registrated IPEN member garden with Garden Code. A list of the Garden Codes is provided at the BGCI website (variable numbers of positions).
4. Identification number (within the institution specified in the previous element, variable number of positions).

For example: GR-0-IB-003867
GR: The plant material originated from Greece.
0: There are no restrictions of transfer.
IB: Our garden (IB) has given the IPEN number.
003867: Our accession number is 003867.

In case your Institution is not yet a member of IPEN we would like to encourage you to get one!
Further information and the posibility to registrate as a member of IPEN is found at the webside of BGCI (Botanic Gardens Conservation International)!

 By ordering from this list you agree to the above conditiones.

Convention on Biological Diversity

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