Start-up funding Coordination of Europe  applications


Scientists at the University of Innsbruck are supported in the submission of coordinated Horizon Europe (HEU) or equivalent EU projects within the framework of start-up funding. If a call of another EU program line is to be considered equivalent to HEU, please clarify in advance with the projekt.service.büro (see below).


Scientists of the University of Innsbruck (with at least a PhD) can apply once per calendar year for support to apply for a coordinated Horizon Europe or equivalent EU project.

The application includes a form with information on the call, the consortium/partners and the use of the start-up funding as well as a short description of the planned HEU proposal (max. one page).

After an internal evaluation by the, the Vice Rector for Research decides on the award.

Amount of funding

Maximum 10,000 Euro

Note: Please note that in two-stage procedures, a maximum of 5,000 euros is available for each stage. In addition, two separate applications must be submitted for each individual stage.


- University of Innsbruck is coordinator

- This is an EU call for proposals. Excluded from this are explicitly ERDF-funded programs such as INTERREG

- Budget of the University of Innsbruck must be at least 250,000 Euro (incl. overheads)

- Only one application per year per project leader

Use of funds

The funds can be used, for example, for staff to support the application process (assistance) or for travel expenses (e.g. network meetings).

Costs for project meetings can be claimed by staff of the University of Innsbruck in the form of travel and accommodation costs. Costs for catering that exceed the travel allowance (e.g. catering) and room rent are not eligible.

The use for external service providers is only possible in very limited cases (e.g. translations). The funds may not be used for the services of external proposal writers.

Costs cannot be claimed retroactively, but only for the period from the award of start-up funding to the submission of the HEU application.


The total duration of the start-up funding must not exceed 6 months before the deadline of the Call.


Ongoing, but at least 1 month before the deadline of the corresponding Call.


The start-up funding can only be disbursed upon submission of a application.

Application submission

The application is submitted via an entry in the project database. In addition, the application can also be sent by e-mail to

Any questions should be directed to:

Dr. David Lederbauer,, University of Innsbruck


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