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Vulcanus in Japan - Application Deadline 20.01.2022

SUCTI Training

Guest Lecture "Disability in Israel: Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Diverse Parts of Israeli Society" – 02.12.2021

France Day 2021 with France Awards Ceremony – 30.11.2021

Info Event Latin America & Geography Erasmus – 24.11.2021

European Summer School in Canadian Studies (ESSCS): 25.07.–05.08.2022, ViennaInnsbruck

Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme 2022/ 2023

Recording - Info Event 15.11.2021

Lecture Series "State · Religion · Society" 

Aurora celebrates languages

Aurora Traineeship

Zeitschrift für Disability Studies

Psychologische Studierendenberatung

Youtube-Video "Disziplin..." (Uniorchester Innsbruck, Martin Anton Schmid

Video Series "Canadian Network Spotlights"

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