Marshall Plan Scholarship

The Marshall Plan Scholarship is aimed at students of all technical sciences who are considering research in the USA for their Master's/Diploma Thesis or Dissertation.

Information on application and organisation

  1. The first step is to find the topic of your thesis and a supervisor at the UIBK. Once this step has been completed, the respective supervisor must approve a research stay at the American host institution. The prerequisite for a positive outcome includes, among other things, a thematic connection as well as the prospect of an added value of the respective research work.

  2. The applicant endeavours to obtain a letter of invitation from the American host university.

  3. Prepare the complete application documents (see Guidelines).
  4. The applicant arranges an appointment at the International Relations Office (IRO) with Ms. Sandra Scherl or   Ms. Christina Plattner for the timely submission of the complete application documents.

  5. After review of the application, the documents will be uploaded into a database by the IRO.

  6. In case of a positive decision, a contract will be sent to the applicant by post.

  7. The signed contract must be returned to the Marshall Plan Foundation immediately.

  8. The applicant is solely responsible for obtaining a J1 visa for the United States. Relevant information can be found on the website of the U.S. embassy of the applicant's country of origin (ATTENTION: Visa matters can take quite a long time).

  9. It is mandatory to take out sufficient insurance coverage for the entire time of the research stay, including but not limited to health insurance for medical fees and medical repatriation as well as the transfer of remains (in the event of a death), accident insurance and liability insurance that are all valid abroad. It is recommended to also get insurance for flights, cancellation and luggage. Neither the IRO of the University of Innsbruck nor the Marshall Plan Foundation shall be liable for damages resulting from illness, death, accident, injury of others, loss or property damage in relation to the research stay.

  10. The International Relations Office will inform the admission department of UIBK about your research stay, so that it can be registered in LFU:online.

  11. Send a copy of the visa as well as the insurance policy and the exact dates of the research stay to the IRO at 2 weeks before departure!

  12. The first installment of the scholarship (80%) will be transferred approx. 1 week before departure.

  1. It is recommended to obtain a confirmation of the exact research stay from the supervisor of the host university, while the scholarhip holder iss tell in de U.S. Should the research period change, the scholarship holder and the host supervisor must immediately send a written confirmation to the IRO of the University of Innsbruck.

  2. Should the title of the thesis change, a written statement must be sent to the IRO by the scholarship holder and the home supervisor!

  3. If the host or home university requests a retention period, a written statement must be sent to the IRO by the scholarship holder and both supervisors!

  1. Prepare the research paper (pdf): at least 7500 words, excl. title page, table of contents, references/sources etc. (count the number of words in a Microsoft Word file!)

  2. Prepare the field report (pdf): at least 1.5 pages (personal experience report)
    • General impression of your research stay
    • Description of the host university
    • Integration of the scholarship holder at the host university
    • Recommendations for future Marshall Plan scholarship holders
  3. Confirmationof stay with the exact start and end dates of the research stay (excl. flight dates, excursions, etc.) - issued by the supervisor at the host university (pdf).

  4. Copy of the flight tickets from the outward and return flight

  5. Review of the research results by the supervisors at the host and home university (pdf)

  6. Should a retention period be requested

    • Revocation request up to max. 3 years (one pdf document):
      Statement by the scholarship holder
      Statement by the supervisor

    • Revocation request longer than 3 years (one pdf document):
      Statement by the scholarship holder
      Statement by the supervisor
      In addition to the research paper, a summary (1,000 words excluding title page, table of contents and references/ sources etc.) is required for the website of the Marshall Plan Foundation.

  7. At latest 1 week before the end of the  "Paper Presentation Deadline", all documents have to be handed in to  Christina Plattner either by e-mail or in person. Please consider holiday periods and public holidays!

  8. The following documents must be submitted/ handed in:

    • Research Paper
    • Field Report
    • Confirmation of stay
    • Flight tickets
    • Evaluation
    • Statements (if required)
    • Summary (if required)

  9. Afterwards the IRO will upload your documents to the database.

  10. After a positive assessment by the Marshall Plan Foundation, the remaining 20% of the scholarship will be transferred.

  11. Please note, that research papers and/or field reports may be published on the website of the Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation. Therefore, please do not mention any personal details (such as email addresses, signatures etc.) on these documents. 

IMPORTANT: All statements (letter of invitation, confirmation of stay, change of title, change of research period, retention period, assessments) must have an official character including letterhead of the institute/university, first name & surname and function of the signatory, signature and date!

Duration of the sponsorship
At least 90 days of research stay (without flight dates, holidays, etc.)

Current scholarship rate:
From EUR 3,000 to EUR 10,000

Application deadlines:
2nd Call 01.03.2024 - 29.04.2024 (earliest start: 01.08.2024)
1st Call 02.09.2024 - 30.10.2024 (earliest start: 29.01.2025)

For a correct submission of the application documents please refere to the application requirements.

The complete application documents must be submitted by the deadline for the respective call either in person on a USB stick or via e-mail to Ms. Sandra Scherl & in CC to Ms. Christina Plattner .

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