Specialisation Module Master Computer Science

The following courses and seminars can be recognised for the Specialisation Module in the Master Programme Computer Science of the Summer term 2019:


The list is not yet complete, please check it from time to time!


The VSC School Seminar is designed to improve the proficiency in High Performance Computing (HPC), the seminar language is English. Prerequisites are good programming skills and some experience with running moderately large parallel codes.


Participants recognize problems that can be tackled with SAT/SMT solvers, learn the theoretical foundations of such logic engines, and can successfully apply these tools in small projects of their own.


In diesem Kurs werden Inhalte aus den Lehrveranstaltungen "VO Entwurf von Softwaresystemen (703022)" und "VO Softwareentwicklung und Projektmanagement (703035)" vertieft. Die Teilnehmer sollen in die Lage versetzt werden, selbstständig neue Konzepte aus dem Bereich Software Engineering zu erlernen, geeignete Werkzeuge auszuwählen und sich ergebnisorientiert in komplexe Aufgabenstellungen einzuarbeiten.


Students completing this module should have acquired by way of compulsory modules 1, 2 and 3 further basic knowledge of Mathematics, Informatics and indepth knowledge in one or more area of Physics.


Students completing this lecture will understand the concepts as well as the possibilities, limitations and risks of machine learning and big data science for science, technology and future society.


In cooperation with the Holon Institute of Technology (HIT), Tel Aviv, the University of Innsbruck launches an interdisciplinary workshop, which aims at creating interactive play objects to connect children with and without disabilities. Students get to know the essentials of game design, psychology, mathematics, and programming and will later put their knowledge into practice in group projects. Selected students will be able to participate in the joint hackathon in Innsbruck, where five multi-national and multi-disciplinary teams will work together to ideate, conceptualize, design and implement new solutions for the given brief.


Elective Module Computer Haptics

(lecture and seminar are already allocated to the Specialisation Module of the Master's Programme Computer Science)

The underlying theories and methods will be taught, including the human haptic sense, the design ofpsychophysical studies, the control of haptic interfaces, the implementation of haptic rendering algorithms, and the application of touch feedback in different research fields and application areas.

Discussion, rehearsal and practical implementation of topics covered in the lecture via practical tasks. Cental element is the construction of a simple haptic interface, on which diverse algorthim can be tested.


For further information please contact: lehre-informatik@uibk.ac.at

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