Specialisation Module Master Computer Science

The courses listed below can be used for the Specialisation Module in the Master Programme Computer Science of the winter term 2020/2021.

Note: the label VMI (as it is written in the curriculum) is not used.


 The list is not yet complete, please check it from time to time!



Basic notions of computational complexity theory, such as the classes P, NP, Karp reduction. Basic definitions of some spin models, like the Ising model.

The lecture focuses on general techniques of data handling. It has no premises above the pyhsics courses of 3th/4th semester bachelor. Some enthusiasm in working at computers and programming is required. Topics covered in brief: statistical distributions, statistical tests, fitting of data, error estimation, astronomy data analysis, fourier methods, time series, data processing.


Detailed knowledge of methods for the analysis and modeling of cross-sectional and micro data, especially from economics and the social sciences. Ability to independently work out statistical problems based on use-oriented questions, using statistical software, and communicating the results.

Registration: by e-mail to Achim Zeileis



  • Courses from Physics or Mathematics or other study programmes with connection to Computer Science. Prior agreement of the Dean of Studies Georg Moser is required!


  • Completed Elective Module (Master Computer Science)
  • Additional Master Seminar (Master Computer Science)

For further information please contact: lehre-informatik@uibk.ac.at

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