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1669 Prototypenentwicklung 2023
Use the commercial potential of your research!


At the University of Innsbruck, seed funding for the development and advancement of prototypes is funded by the Förderkreis 1669 of the University of Innsbruck.

Through this funding, the Förderkreis aims to contribute to an increase in the commercial exploitation opportunities of research results with economic potential.

Based on the development of these prototypes, either new spin-off companies can be founded or cooperations with small and medium-sized enterprises can be established, which, building upon prototypes, can bring products ready for series production to the market. This strengthens the application-oriented knowledge and technology transfer in Tyrol. Applications are open to scientific staff members of the University of Innsbruck who have successfully completed at least one scientific work at the University of Innsbruck (bachelor's or master's thesis, PhD thesis, scientific publication, etc.). In order to promote young researchers, young scientists are particularly encouraged to apply.


      • Research results from all fields of science (inventions, developments, software, databases,
        methods, products or processes)
      • Novelty of the product/process/method
      • Clear potential for commercialisation (good market opportunities and concrete customer
      • recognisable innovation and technology content

Framework conditions:

      • Research results (inventions, developments, databases, methods, products, processes, software) for which the University of Innsbruck has the right of ownership.
      • Realisation of the prototype within the project duration (within 6 to max. 12 months)

Documents to be submitted:

  1. Application form
  2. Short summary of the concept (max. ½ page)
  3. Project description (max. 7 pages):
    • Description of the underlying innovation. Description of the research activity during which the innovation was developed. Was the innovation developed in cooperation with third parties, or was it solely the result of the applicant's own research? Does the University of Innsbruck own, use and exploit the rights for the innovation?

    • Presentation of the economic significance of the innovation, based on answers to the following questions: What is the added value of the innovation for the subsequent buyers and who are these buyers? Are there already similar solutions on the market and if so, how does your approach differ? What is the unique selling point of your research result? In what way can you profit from the innovation (e.g. product and/or service, sale, rental, subscription ...)?

    • Presentation of the concept for creating the prototype: What is the current state of knowledge and development and what further steps are planned for realisation of the prototype?

    • If developed within the framework of a research project: Database number and project leader

  4. Costs (with brief explanation of costs)
  5. Curriculum vitae and list of publications


Project progress and development status of the prototype must be documented in the final report at the latest.

Funding amount: Euro 15,000 per project

Funding is available for:

      • Personnel costs
      • New acquisition of instruments and equipment
      • Third-party costs: e.g. external commissioning of partial or total production. Construction feasibility, etc. only eligible if it is not possible to carry out the project at the University of Innsbruck.
      • Cost of materials

Costs not eligible for funding:

      • Basic research or research
      • costs for intellectual property right applications
      • External consulting costs
      • lawyer's or patent attorney's fees
      • marketing costs
      • distribution costs etc.
      • publication costs

Applications must be submitted  with all required documents at the latest by

Mittwoch, 17. Mai 2023

by the responsible project database officer of the institute to which the applicant belongs. 


Please direct any questions to:
Dr. Kurt Habitzel, project.service.office
Phone. 0512/507-34499; E-Mail: Kurt.Habitzel@uibk.ac.at

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