1669 Travel and Research Scholarships for Doctoral Colleges (DC)

At the University of Innsbruck, travel and research scholarships are offered by the Förderkreis 1669 - Wissenschaft Gesellschaft - of the University of Innsbruck.

The promotion of young researchers is one of the goals of the Förderkreis 1669. In accordance with this guiding principle of the Förderkreis, academics who are members of a doctoral college at the University of Innsbruck are supported during research stays abroad. Scholarships are awarded for research stays worldwide, also for research, archival work, fieldwork and scientific collections. In addition, the funding of conference participation is intended to support excellent young researchers in building relationships in the scientific community and discussing their research results with an expert audience.

The aim of this funding is to enable young academics to carry out a research project at a university of their choice abroad, whereby high academic quality and originality of the research project are decisive selection criteria.

Students who are members of a doctoral college of the University of Innsbruck and who are not in an employment relationship with the university are eligible to apply. Students who are employees of the university can apply for travel expenses at the faculty.

The research stays are funded with a grant of up to EUR 5,000.


Application requirements:



Doctoral students who are enrolled at the University of Innsbruck as regular students and are registered to continue their studies and who are members of a doctoral college.


The applications must be submitted before the start of the research stay; applications submitted later cannot be considered.


Scholarships are not paid out retroactively.


Documents to be submitted:

  • Application form (attachment)
  • Curriculum vitae incl. list of publications with talks and poster presentations 
  • Project description incl. time and budget plan (max. 10 pages) - reference to further funding must be stated in the budget plan
  • Proof of acceptance at the host institution (confirmation of support) or confirmation of acceptance of the talk/presentation or confirmation of participation in the scientific event
  • Letter of recommendation from your dissertation supervisor in which the research project is endorsed
  •  Study sheet and confirmation of study period (please only 1 sheet, can be retrieved online)


Please send a short final report no later than 2 months after the end of your research trip or conference visit to forschungsfoerderung@uibk.ac.at.


The application is made by

1) entering all documents (incl. enclosures) in the PROJECT DATABASE (PDB) using the application form available on the Internet:



2) an e-mail with the PROJECT DATABASE NUMBER to forschungsfoerderung@uibk.ac.at.


Your applications will be processed on an ongoing basis according to the availability of funds.

The German version prevails over the English in case deviations.


Vice-Rectorate for Research / project.service.office


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