Hypo Tirol Bank Dissertation Award 2022 at the University of Innsbruck 

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For the year 2022, Hypo Tirol Bank AG will award up-to-date and outstanding dissertations with the "Hypo Tirol Bank Dissertation Award at the University of Innsbruck". A total of 16.000, - Euros will be offered for the call. The prize money is at least 2.000, - Euro per price.

Up-to-date and outstanding dissertations of all scientific disciplines, which have been written and submitted at the University of Innsbruck, are awarded.

All graduates of doctoral and PhD studies at the University of Innsbruck in 2021 are eligible to apply.

The conditions for submitting for this prize are:


  • Completion of studies in 2021 (date of notice of the award of the academic degree)


  • Excellent and best-assessed doctoral thesis


Applications must be submitted with the following information/evidence



Application form


Doctoral thesis as .pdf


Online downloadable sheet "Studienblatt und Studienzeitbestätigung" (study sheet and confirmation of study period)


Certificates of the final examination and notice of the award of the academic degree


All thesis reports


Abstract in German (max.1 page)


Curriculum vitae, academic career  


List of publications


Short CV in 5-8 sentences in German (for the ceremony)


Letter of motivation (why should your scientific work be awarded, 1-2 pages)


The application must be submitted via




 by no later than


February 10th 2022


Please address any questions to:

Dr. Angelika Hintner, Forschungsförderung & Mentoring,

projekt.service.büro, Universität Innsbruck

Tel. 0512/507-34416; E-Mail: forschungsfoerderung@uibk.ac.at

Web: https://www.uibk.ac.at/ffq/forschungsfoerderung/


The Hypo Tirol Bank Dissertation Award 2022 is expected to be presented at a ceremony in summer 2022.


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ulrike Tanzer

Vice Rector for Research

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