Early Stage Funding 2022 / 2nd tranche

Research funding for young scientists at the University of Innsbruck


The University of Innsbruck launches a 2nd call for proposals of the Early Stage Funding Programme for 2022. The aim of the programme is to carry out a small research project on one's own responsibility at the beginning of academic career.

Doctoral candidates and graduates of doctoral programmes whose doctorate or PhD degree was awarded no longer than 2 years ago (date of the official notification) are eligible to apply. Child-rearing periods (two years for each child cared for), care periods (in general care leave) and longer serious illnesses that have led to a career interruption are taken into account. The deadline of the call is used to determine the time limit.

It must be guaranteed that the project leader has an active employment relationship with the University of Innsbruck for the entire duration of the project.


- Funding duration: max. 12 months


- Funding: max. 5,000 euros for doctoral candidates and 10,000 euros for graduates of doctoral programmes


Female academics can apply for an additional amount of 2,000 euros for career-promoting measures (e.g. further training and coaching measures; subsidy for childcare if this has a career-promoting aspect).

The aim is to have at least 50% of the projects approved lead by female scientists. If the quality of the applications is equal, preference will be given to women.

Applicants who have already received funding from this programme are only eligible to submit applications if they obtained this funding as a doctoral student and have since completed their doctorate.


1. content and form of the proposal

A complete proposal must contain the following parts:


1.1 scientific abstract in German or English with max. 2000 characters (incl spaces).


1.2 project description (German or English) of max. 5 pages, excluding table of contents, list of abbreviations and list of literature cited in the proposal.


The project description should contain the following

- Clearly outlined objectives of the project with limited duration and hypothesis(es) or scientific question(s).

- Reference to the international state of research

- Methodology (incl. qualification and quantification)

- Work plan and time schedule (observe a maximum duration of 12 months)


1.3 The following annexes are part of the application and must be attached to the project description in the following order

- Detailed breakdown and justification of the requested costs (please note point 2)

- Scientific curriculum vitae including list of publications (only scientific publications and scientific lectures)

- Completed application form


2. eligible costs

Only the following project-specific costs can be applied for:


2.1 Personnel costs

Personnel costs for student employees who are employed on a marginal basis for a maximum of 6 months. No other personnel costs can be applied for, as these are global budget funds. Self-employment is not possible.


2.2 Equipment costs

Equipment or software that is specifically required for the project can be applied for.


2.3 Material costs

Material costs are consumables and small equipment as well as licences with a time limit of less than 1,500 euros incl. VAT.


2.4 Travel costs

Costs for project-specific travel and stays, field work, expeditions, etc. can be applied for. The project description must include a detailed travel plan (broken down by staff member). Congress trips are non-eligible costs. The business travel guidelines (Dienstreiserichtlinien) as well as the leave of absence guidelines (Freistellungsrichtlinien) of the University of Innsbruck must be adhered to.


2.5 Other costs

This includes costs for the external performance of project-specific work (e.g. analyses to be outsourced, surveys, sampling, production of thin sections, costs for project-specific required laboratory animals, publication costs etc.). Please note the financial guidelines of the University of Innsbruck and the information provided by the Human Resources Department on the subject of contracts for work and services:


2.6 Career-promoting measures for female academics

This includes costs for further training, coaching or other measures that support the applicant. However, costs borne by staff development are not covered. 

What can be applied for are childcare costs if the created free space can be used for career development. Up to 1,000 euros per child per calendar year can be claimed tax-free if the requirements of the EStG are met; above this amount, a taxable benefit in kind applies. For more information on the subsidy of childcare costs, please see:



Costs that are NOT eligible for funding: personnel costs (with the exception of point 2.1), conference travel, event costs, substitute teaching.


The award of a grant is subject to the following obligations:

(1) During the agreed project duration, an employment at the University of Innsbruck must exist.


 (2) The duration shall not exceed 12 months. After completion of the project, a detailed final account and a final report must be submitted via upload in the project database.


(3) The applicant is obliged to mention the funding in all public documents and to mention the funding by the Vice-Rectorate for Research of the University of Innsbruck in publications.


The application is made by


1) entering all documents (incl. enclosures) in the PROJECT DATABASE (PDB) using the application form available on the Internet:


2) an e-mail with the PROJECT DATABASE NUMBER to


 by no later than

Thursday, 6th of October 2022



Please address any questions to:

Dr. Katharina Steinmüller,, University of Innsbruck.

Tel. 0512/507-34411; e-mail: 



The allocation of the funding is planned for 2022 yet. 


Prof. Dr. Ulrike Tanzer

Vice Rector for Research

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