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Master Program Banking and Finance, Semester Overview

The Master program in Banking and Finance is a two-year, 120 ECTS program, constructed around four semesters. The academic year is divided into two semesters, the winter term (October - January) and summer term (March - July).The first two semesters consists of compulsory courses that lay the foundation and provide the fundamental building blocks in Financial Markets, Corporate Finance, and Financial Intermediation. The third semester consists of electives, where students can choose from a broad range of courses, which provide them with the possiblity to specialize in certain fields of study. During this semester, students are also encouraged to participate in an international study program. The fourth and final semester is dedicated to the writing of the Master thesis.Most modules require 5 ECTS and are split into a lecture (3 ECTS) and a seminar (2 ECTS). The lectures are designed to introduce theories and methods of the respective field of study, whereas the seminars are meant to deepen that understanding via presentations, discussions and practical implementations of theoretical concepts.Since the Master Banking and Finance is planned as a Program over 2 years, the schedule detailed below is also equal to the recommended/usual schedule.


Structure and Content

First semester (5 core modules)

Semester 1 Schedule

Second semester (6 core modules)

Master Banking and Finance, Semester 2

Third semester (6 electives)

Master Banking and Finance, Semester 3

Fourth semester (Master Thesis)

Master Banking and Finance, Semester 4

During the fourth and last semester, students are expected to write their Master's Thesis. The topic ought to be from the field of a mandatory (§7 (1) Z1-11) or elective module (§7 (2)). Students are encouraged to propose the topic themselves, but can also choose from a set of exemplary research questions in coordination with their supervisor.

The thesis is an academic and scientific work and is thought of as an attestation of the student's ability to apply theoretical and methodical instruments on a specific research question. It requires a workload of 25 ECTS.


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