Applicant Information

Bachelor Degree Requirements

The basic requirement for admission to the Master program is the completion of a Bachelor degree in Business Administration or Economics or a comparable program in Business Administration or in an associated field of study (with a minimum of 180 ECTS). Studies are considered as equivalent if the curriculum contains a minimum of 100 ECTS in core fields of Business Administration or Economics. Furthermore, financial (15 ECTS* from the fields Investment/Financing Theory, Bank-, Financial and Riskmanagement) and analytical prowess (20 ECTS* from the fields Economics, Mathematics and Statistics) are required.

English Language Requirements

As all modules will be held in English, all applicants are expected to have a high level of english proficiency. Therefore, one of the following recent (max. 3 years prior) certifications with the respective scores are required from applicants from non-EEA countries ( excluding Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, UK and USA):

  • TOEFL internet-based: 100
  • TOEFL computer-based: 250
  • TOEFL paper-based: 600
  • IELTS: 7.0
  • Cambridge Advanced Test

Entry Exam/Number of Participants

According to current Austrian University Laws, there is no entry exam for the program. All applicants fulfilling the above requirements in regards to the Bachelor degree will be admitted. However, there are several modules serving as mandatory requirements for subsequent modules, as detailed in the curriculum.

The number of participants in all interactive parts of modules (seminars) will be limited to 30 students.


Application Procedure

  • EEA Citizens: Admission upon application (program starts in October)
  • Applicants from non-EEA countries
    • Application until May 15th (First-come-first-served principle)
    • Acknowledgement mail will be sent on receipt of your application file
    • Notification of the final decision (letter of admission) will be given by June 30
    • Applicants must ensure that they fulfil the formal legal residence permit requirements in Austria themselves. Please contact the Austrian representative authority in time.

Documents for Application

Documents for application must be addressed to the admission departement of the University ( The following documents may be sent in advance by postal service, in copy via fax, or as a scanned attachment via email:

  • A bachelor diploma plus course book and transcript of another institution of higher education.
  • Proof that all requirements have been met for the selected master program (or equivalent program) in the country issuing the bachelor diploma

Should any documents be incomplete or missing, or further documents beneficial, you will be asked to submit these by a given deadline. By the latest at matriculation all required documents (certificates, diplomas, etc.) submitted for application have to be authenticated (and translated into English or German) by appropriate authorities in the country in which they were issued and by the local Austrian representative authority.

Registration forms and further details (including information about authentication and residence permit) are available at

Students from other Master programs of the Faculty of Business and Management

All elective modules in the fields of specialization are open to students from other Master Programs offered at the University of Innsbruck Faculty of Business and Management, if sufficient space is available in the modules. Admission will be decided on an individual basis.

Students from International Partner Programs

Admission of students from international partner programs to individual modules will be decided on a case-by-case basis depending on the courses the students have successfully completed at their home institutions and in view of available places.

Application forms are available at

Applications have to be presented at the latest by July 31 for the fall semester and by December 31 for the spring semester. Notification of the admission decision is given by September 30 and January 30 respectively.


Costs and Expenses

Tuition Fee

The following information refers to current Austrian University Law and is subject to change.

No tuition fee for:

  • EU citizens

  • EEA citizens

  • Swiss nationals

  • Third-country nationals with long-term permit

within the first 3 years (2 years minimum program time plus 1 year tolerance).

All other students have to pay the tuition fee of Euro 363,36 per semester.*

All students, however, have to pay the student union fee of around 20 € per year.*

*The exact amount can vary from semester to semester.


For further information, please visit:


Living expenses

For a rough overview on living expenses in Innsbruck, you may consult the following (or similar) third-party pages.*

*Please note that the University of Innsbruck assumes no liability in regard to the content of this external website.



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