PhD Program in Management

  Information event for new PhD-students
On 01.10.2018 at 15.00 in the Faculty boardroom / Fakultätssitzungssaal (SOWI, 3rd floor)

In our PhD program, emphasis is laid on preparing you to evaluate and reflect the state of knowledge in your particular field of research. Students work in small groups with a maximum of 20 students. In addition, they work with faculty members and with their colleagues on research projects to gain experiences in their field of study and increase skills and competences in their special field of interest. You will find a strong partnership with your supervisors, other faculty, and guest professors combined with the high level of diverse academic and cultural backgrounds of PhD students. The School of Management offers an atmosphere of close cooperation and intellectual challenges.

The research at our School of Management is strongly oriented towards five research centres and two research platforms:

Research centres

Research platforms

  Comprehensive information on the program, career opportunities, admission, fees, and enrolment is provided on the program's official website   , which is maintained by the office for studies.

PhD Program Economics - Major in Finance

For some time now, it is possible to choose a specialization in finance within the PhD program in Economics. The PhD program in Economics is a joint study programme by the faculty of economics and statistics at the University of Innsbruck and the department of economics at the University of Linz.

Visit the University's study deparment's homepage for more information on the PhD program in Economics   , and further links. Interested students are also invited to contact the department of banking and finance   !

Expiring Doctoral Program (C084)

Since October 2009 the new PhD program in Management is in place. Courses are offered primarily for the PhD students. Only specific courses in methodology and (qualitative and quantitative) research methods are offered for the Doctoral Students (C084) (namely § 6a Privatissima). Courses in the field of your dissertation are not offered anymore (namely § 6b seminars). However, you have the possibility to enrol the new PhD research seminars which will be credited by the Dean of Studies for §6b seminars. To finish you doctoral program which you are currently enrolled in you have time until 2017. Please be aware that you have to find a doctoral supervisor at least 4-5 years in advance in order to finish in time.