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This research area is concerned with political and international political theory, linking historical and international perspectives to explain political structures and processes. The beginnings of the discipline of international relations did not distinguish between explanatory and normative theory (why something is the way it is and why something should be the way it is). International political theory is dedicated to this very connection in its research fields. The research area focuses on theoretical and practical questions of political theory and the history of ideas regarding war and peace, violence and diplomacy, and religion and ethics.


Ass.-Prof. Dr. Jodok Troy

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  • Troy, Jodok (2023): Amtssitzpolitik.
    In: Senn, Martin; Eder, Franz; Kronprobst, Markus: Handbuch Außenpolitik Österreichs. Wiesbaden: Springer VS., ISBN 978-3-658-37274-3, pp. 241 - 267. (DOI) (Web link)

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