Studying with Us

Knowledge – Methodology – Reflection – Personality

In our teaching we are guided by the following principles: Knowledge-Method-Reflection-Personality.


Studying at the Department of Political Science provides a broad range of knowledge in various fields. The spectrum of issues ranges from the development and transition of political systems to questions of war and peace as well as fundamental theories of societal coexistence.


We understand political science primarily as an empirical social science. (Prospective) political scientists observe political processes and collect data. They then evaluate these in order to argue in an empirically fortified manor.


Our graduates are thus enabled to perceive societal and political processes in a way that is critical, reflective, and builds on a sound methodological basis.


Last but not least, the time of study is one that shapes personal development, and it lies in the responsibility of a university to encourage just this.

Short Videos on the Areas of Research and Teaching

In these new short videos, members of our department explain what they focus on in their research and what you can learn in each of the research and teaching fields (only in German).

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