Methodologies and Methods in Political Science



We work on the dissemination and improvement of methods in political science. The aim is to identify and develop methods that answer political science questions as efficiently, effectively and transparently as possible. The team is primarily concerned with the quantitative collection and analysis of large amounts of data.

The research process usually involves three steps: data collection, information gathering and descriptive and inferential data analysis. Our agenda is based on these three phases:

Data collection

The Data volume on the web has already exceeded the amount of data of all libraries in the world in 2000 and is growing rapidly. As researchers, we try to take advantage of this and obtain a large part of our data through so-called "web scraping". To do this, we create technologies that enable the targeted downloading of data from the internet.

Information Retrieval

Since about 80 percent of the information on the internet is text, computer-assisted text analysis plays an important role in our research process. We scale texts according to certain dimensions (political ideology, progress versus stagnation in negotiations, etc.), measure quotations and plagiarism between texts and try to understand latent concepts in texts. All this allows us to extract information relevant to answering our questions from large unstructured datasets.

Data analysis

The team works with various statistical methods to analyse the data descriptively and inferentially. In addition to classical methods such as regression analyses, we also deal with network analyses. The coexistence of people and societies functions in networks. Special methods allow us to explore the dynamics in these networks.


Ass.-Prof. Dr. Dominik Duell

Ass.-Prof. Dr. Lisa Lechner

Current Projects

Projects, scholarships and other third-party funds

Research Projects

  • Steinmayr, Andreas; Duell, Dominik: Arbeitsmarktintegration von Geflüchteten aus der Ukraine mit besonderem Schwerpunkt auf Frauen.
    Arbeitsmarktservice (AMS)
    2023-11-15 - 2024-05-31

  • Wierer-Lechner, Lisa Maria: TEXNET. Policy-diffusion across international institutions: A text-network approach.
    Leopold-Franzens-Universität Innsbruck - Vizerektorat für Forschung, Nachwuchsfördermittel aus der Nachwuchsförderung der LFU
    2020-03-01 - 2025-03-31

Current Publications


Contributions to Books / Journals

Journal Article (Original Paper)
  • Duell, Dominik; Kaftan, Lea; Proksch, Sven-Oliver; Slapin, Jonathan; Wratil, Christopher (early view): The rhyme and reason of rebel support: exploring European voters’ attitudes toward dissident MPs.
    In: Political Science Research and Methods. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Duell, Dominik; Mengel, Friederike; Mohlin, Eric; Weidenholzer, Simon (online first): Cooperation through collective punishment and participation.
    In: Political Science Research and Methods, pp. 1 - 27. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Duell, Dominik; Kaftan, Lea; Proksch, Sven-Oliver; Slapin, Jonathan; Wratil, Christopher (2023): Communicating the Rift: Voter Perceptions of Intra-Party Dissent in Parliaments.
    In: Journal of Politics 85/1, pp. 76 - 91. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Gerver, Mollie; Lown, Patrick; Duell, Dominik (2023): Proportional Immigration Enforcement.
    In: Journal of Politics 85/3, pp. 949 - 968. (DOI) (Web link)

Book Chapter (Original Paper)
  • Gerver, Mollie; Lown, Patrick; Duell, Dominik (2023): Experimental Immigration Ethics.
    In: Lindauer, Matthew: Advances in Experimental Political Philosophy. London [u.a.]: Bloomsbury Publishing., ISBN 9781350254251, pp. 187 - 214. (Web link)

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