University of Innsbruck


Kurzen­twer­fen 1 Win­ter 22

Mate­ri­al/Tool­path opti­miza­tion for addi­tive man­u­fac­tur­ing

Uni­for­mity Gen­er­at­ing Com­plex­ity

Human - Algo­rithm Inter­ac­tion

Inno­va­tion in times of mate­rial scarci­ty.

A build­ing tech­nol­ogy point of view learn­ing from tra­di­tional knowl­edge

IASS 2022

847461 VO/2 VO Lightweight Struc­tures and Archi­tec­ture

847901 SE PhD Sem­i­nar 2: Meth­o­den

UE Meth­ods of Lightweight Struc­tures and Archi­tec­ture

Bion­ics and Node­less Struc­tures


Archi­tec­tural Design from Upcy­cled Form­work Wood

STELVIO (Master The­sis Defense)

Trag­w­erk­slehre - Design of Struc­tures 2022

Elas­tic Grid­shell Design Explo­ration Work­shop (Para­met­ric Engi­neer­ing)