Recent Developments in Tensile Architecture _ LSU Lecture Series

Welcome to the lectures series 2023/24 at LSU, the Lightweight Structures Unit, Faculty of Architecture, Universität Innsbruck hosted by Professor Günther H. Filz.

Tensile structures play an important role in contemporary architecture. Almost no sports event can be imagined without membrane structures covering stadia or wide spanning roof structures. But not only wide span architecture is possible with tensile architecture. Transparent ETFE cushions offer further possibilities, competing with glazed roofs or façades. Tensile structures enhance comfort and at the same time form landmarks. By reducing the amount of material needed tensile architecture is also an answer to sustainability issues, which become the dominating aspect today.

This presentation gives information on the basics of structural membranes and foils, mechanically tensioned as well as pneumatically tensioned, and shows examples of different projects. It gives an outlook on recent developments and the ongoing standardization process, which will bring tensile architecture out of the niche to become an established building technology.

Lecture will be in presence at LSU
Faculty of Architecture, Institute of Design
Lightweight Structures Unit
Technikerstrasse 21c, 1st Floor
6020 Innsbruck, Austria  

For online participation, please Click Here to join the lecture. 

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