Textile Façades with Bottle Past _ LSU Lecture Series

Welcome to the lectures series 2023/24 at LSU, the Lightweight Structures Unit, Faculty of Architecture, Universität Innsbruck hosted by Professor Günther H. Filz.

8.000.000+ tons of plastic waste escapes into the oceans every year!*
Even though, plastics made from fossil fuels are just over a century old much of the planet is swimming in discarded plastic, harming animal and human health. Half of all plastics ever manufactured have been made in the last 15 years. Production is expected to double by 2050.
In her talk “Textile Façades with Bottle Past” at #LSU Katja Bernert will share the pros and cons of upcycling PET bottles into fabric meshes for architectural applications.

Katja Bernert, is a well-known weaving and coating expert, and a Textile Architecture enthusiast. She works at the internationally operating membrane manufacturer Mehler Texnologies®.

)* source: www.nationalgeographic.com

Lecture will be in presence at LSU (Lecture Hall HS11)
Faculty of Architecture, Institute of Design
Lightweight Structures Unit
Technikerstrasse 21c, 1st Floor
6020 Innsbruck, Austria  

For online participation, please Click Here to join the lecture. 

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