Architectural Design from Upcycled Formwork Wood ( Master Thesis Defense )

Welcome to this Master Thesis Presentation by 

30th August 2022 – 13.00CET

Gabrielle Nicolas
Master's Degree in Architectural Engineering – Bruface / Master's Degree in Building Technology – Aalto
Architectural Design from Upcycled Formwork Wood:
Perspectives on New Physical and Aesthetic Qualities of Waste Wood, Computer Vision, and Algorithm-Assisted Façade Design

This public presentation will be held online and in English.

Supervising Professor: 
Günther H. Filz, Aalto University, Finland
Invited guests / panel:
Prof. Lars de Laet, VUB, Belgium
Prof. Pia Fricker, Aalto University, Finland
Prof. Matti Kuittinen, Aalto University, Finland 
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