Uniformity Generating Complexity

Welcome you to our 4th session in the lectures series 2022/2023 of Lightweight Structures Unit, Faculty of Architecture, Universität Innsbruck hosted by Professor Günther H. Filz.

Our guest in this session is Lars De Laet is professor at the department of Architectural Engineering of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel where he conducts research in the field of architectural and structural design of resource-efficient structures for a sustainable architecture. During his fundamental and applied research, he develops with his team computational tools for structural design and form finding, and focusses on full-scale prototyping employing new biomaterials, digital and robotic fabrication technologies and large-scale experimental testing.

The session will be about Creating lightweight spatial structures with kit-of-parts systems: The construction industry is the largest consumer of natural resources worldwide and, moreover, responsible for the largest waste flows in Europe. The research conducted by Professor Lars De Laet and his colleagues from the VUB Architectural Engineering research group aims to contribute to reducing the construction industry's environmental footprint. During his lecture, Lars will illustrate how they work towards these objectives by focusing on new design methodologies, by developing efficient structural systems and by investigating new biomaterials based on fungi. In addition, Lars will focus on lightweight spatial structures where they create apparent complexity with uniform kit-of-parts systems.

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