Innovative and Unusual Lightweight Structures _ LSU Lecture Series

Welcome to the lectures series 2023/24 at LSU, the Lightweight Structures Unit, Faculty of Architecture, Universität Innsbruck hosted by Professor Günther H. Filz.


Christoph Paech is the Managing Director at sbp, schlaich bergermann partner

Stuttgart . Berlin . New York . São Paulo . Shanghai . Paris . Madrid . Los Angeles

one of the world's leading offices in lightweight structures, with over 280 employees from more than 20 nations. There are few extraordinary bridges, iconic stadiums, or movable structures that sbp has not been involved in.

Filigree, elegant lightweight structures are a essential characteristic of the signature of schlaich bergermann partner. In addition to its elegance and efficiency, lightweight construction is primarily resource-efficient. The lighter the structure in relation to its load, the more efficient and sustainable the structure is. Furthermore, lightweight structures can be effortlessly deconstructed due to their predominantly homogeneous materials, and, above all, they can be excellently transformed thanks to their great flexibility. With their versatile use, lightweight structures offer significant added value in architecture. Christoph Paech, Managing Director at sbp, presents selected projects.

Christoph Paech, schlaich bergermann partner - sbp, studied civil engineering at the University of Stuttgart. He has been working with schlaich bergermann partner since 2004. During this time, he has already led numerous sports, stadium, and large-scale projects with interdisciplinary teams worldwide. Since 2023, he has held the position of Managing Director at sbp SE.

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Faculty of Architecture, Institute of Design
Lightweight Structures Unit
Technikerstrasse 21c, 1st Floor
6020 Innsbruck, Austria  

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