Student Mobility


As a student of one of the following study programmes:

  • Bachelor's Programme: Management and Economics, with focus on Economics
  • Bachelor's Programme: Economy, Health and Sports Tourism
  • Master's Programme: Applied Economics
  • Master's Programme: Sustainable Regional and Destination Development
  • PhD Programme: Economics

You can study one Erasmus+ semester at one of our following partner universities (2 spots per year for our Faculty):

Bachelor Students:

Master Students:


You should start planning at least 1 year before your planned stay. Before applying, you should inform yourself in particular about the courses offered at the desired host university!
The participation requirements for Erasmus+ you can find hier.

Online Learning Agreement (OLA)

After the nomination, the Online Learning Agreement (OLA) must be completed with the courses at the host university. It is compulsory to choose courses amounting to at least 30 ECTS per semester ("no loss of progress principle").

You must have the completed OLA confirmed and credited by the responsible study representative:

The International Relations Office will inform you about all further steps.

PhD- und Master-Partnership Agreements

Students of our PhD or Master programmes can apply for a semester at  Virginia Tech (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University).

For more information, please contact Andrea Leiter-Schreiring.

In addition, you also have the possibility to apply for a program at university level, an overview can be found here.


For furhter information please contact Herbert Stocker.

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