Our faculty's Buddy/Mentoring System (BMS) helps students develop their personal, social and academic skills within the university's vibrant environment. 

The University's BMS aims to support its students in their studies in the best possible way. Apart from the successful completion of courses and exams, students are encouraged to become part of the university's community. A primary goal of the BMS is to help students in their academic progress, answer questions, and help them identify their own problems and goals. Although the program does not provide coaching or similar activities, our mentors and buddies are happy to help students access more specialized support.


Buddies are experienced students. They are happy to answer any questions regarding your study experience, especially early on in your program.


Mentors are the university's academic staff, such as professors or research assistants. They are happy to help with various student concerns, and provide insights into research and career opportunities at the university. Mentors help students with problems during their studies and, depending on the situation, refer them to the right contact person.


At the start of the BMS, our freshers are divided into small groups and assigned to two buddies and a mentor. The BMS encourages new students to network with each other and to contact mentors or buddies at any time for help with questions they may have about their studies.

The BMS accompanies students throughout their studies.  At the beginning of the program, buddies and mentors help new students find their way around the university. Students can familiarize themselves with the university and make new friends at the "Freshers' Tutorial". As the semester progresses, students receive useful tips and tricks from their buddies and mentors on how to successfully complete exams and plan their further studies. Moreover, a regular exchange takes place via the Olat course of the BMS, which will be accessible to all first-semester students with the start of the study program.

New students will be informed about all details concerning the BMS at the beginning of their studies. However, feel free to reach out to the following contacts at any time!

The BMS Representatives:


Your Student Representatives:


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