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Lectures and Workshops

For the Böhm-Bawerk Lecture exceptional scholars give talks on economy, politics and society . The lecturers are invited by the three Sowi faculties and the Research Area EPoS. For more information please click here.



The workshop takes place September 20,2023, 9 am at the HS3, SoWi.

Please find the final program in the following:

09:00 Welcome address

09:05 “Using decision markets to select studies for replication: Results of the Mechanical Turk replication project” - Rene Schwaiger

09:25 “Jumping to racial prejudice” - Katharina Zimmermann

09:45 “The decay of cay” - Moritz Dauber

10:05 "A survey experiment on second-hand consumption" - Luisa Lorè

1025 “Who chooses to go "green"? First results of a lab study about the inter-individual differences in pro-environmental decision-making” - Jana Kesenheimer

10:45 Coffee Break

11:20 “Does unfairness hurt women? The effects of losing unfair competitions” - Marica Valente

11:40 “Loyalty proneness - fact or fiction? Revisiting consumer choice consistency across categories” - Andreas Plank

12:00 “How to design the ask? Funding units vs. giving money” - Raphael Epperson

12:20 Keynote
"The intrinsic value of effort: What are the conditions that make people seek and enjoy difficulty?"

Veronika Job
(University of Vienna, Faculty of Psychology)

13:15 Joint Lunch (supported by the research area EPoS)

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