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Information on upcoming research seminars and talks.

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Research Facilities

"EPoS Eco­no­my, Poli­tics & Soci­e­ty" is an interdisciplinary Research Area that explores economic, organizational, political and social issues.

The Reserach Center "Innsbruck Decision Sciences" focuses on the investigation of human behavior in economic decision-making, particularly exploring the use of digital technologies.

The SFB "Credence Goods, Incentives and Behavior" is a joint research project including several scientists. Its aim is to analyze key determinants of individual behavior and market performance in credence goods markets with a variety of methods, combining theoretical work, laboratory experiments and field experiments.

The EconLab is a laboratory for research in experimental economics that particularly focuses on topics in behavioral economics and behavioral finance.

The Austrain Micro Data Center provides Austrian research institutions with (fee-based) access to microdata from Statistics Austria. 

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