Austrian Micro Data Center

Since July 1st 2022, scientists from Austrian research institutions can apply for (fee-based) access to microdata from Statistics Austria. The new contact point is the Austrian Micro Data Center.

The available micro data sets can be found in the AMDC catalogue. The use of anonymised data is restricted to scientific purposes. After a successful application, scientists receive secure online access (remote access).


Procedure for requesting access to microdata for research projects

The University of Innsbruck is an accredited institution at the AMDC. Researchers employed at the University of Innsbruck can submit applications to obtain access to data for their research projects.


  1. First, a registration with Statistics Austria is necessary. As soon as the accreditation of the research institution has been completed, researchers can submit their applications.
  • For the application, Statistics Austria requires proof of a valid employment status with the University of Innsbruck (Arbeitgeberbestätigung in VIS:online).
  1. For research projects every participant has to sign a document on technical and organisational measures (TOMs resp. this declaration of secrecy)
  • The Faculty of Economics and Statistics is responsible for checking compliance with the TOMs and the feasibility of the research project on university premises.
  • The TOMs are to be signed by the dean and all scientists involved.
  • The ZID is responsible for the technical set-up of the equipment.
  1. If the research project is accepted by Statistics Austria, the latter will prepare an offer, which will be approved by the dean on behalf of the rectorate.
  2. A contract is drawn up on the basis of the offer accepted by the university and Statistics Austria. This contract has to be approved by the dean on behalf of the rectorate.
  3. Each project member receives (fee-based) access via a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) with the software VMware Horizon Client. In addition, the access is secured by a two-factor authentication.

Informationen, documents and registration

Contact points

Legal basis

  • 17 (3 and 4), §31 (8 Z 10, 9 and 13) Federal Statistics Law Act
  • 38b Austrian Research Organisation Act (FOG)
  • Official secrecy according to § 310 of the criminal code (StGB)
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