Economics at the University of Innsbruck

Insights into a quarter of a millennium of eventful history

von Engelbert Theurl


Economics (VWL) at the University of Innsbruck looks back on more than 250 years of existence. The aim of this project is to trace the institutionalization of economics at the University of Innsbruck and its further history. In a first step, this will not be done in the form of a printed monograph, but in the form of a series of articles, which will provide insights into an eventful history and will be published in electronic form in a loose chronological rhythm. However, the perspective of the "longue duree" should not be lost. The project is divided into 5 time phases, which result from deep breaks in the external conditions, but also from reorientations in the subject itself. A similar dramaturgy and outline will be used for processing the individual phases. In addition selected topics will be treated in more depth.


Abschnitt I: Anliegen – Abgrenzungen – Informationsquellen – Agenda (in German only)

Abschnitt II: Von der fürstlichen zur staatlich-bürgerlichen Glückseligkeit (1769-1848) (in German only)

Abschnitt III: Die Volkswirtschaftslehre (VWL) zwischen Historischer und Österreichischer Schule (1848-1918) (in German only)

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